The PRODDEC team is coming with an exclusive technical magazine "Breakthrough '15" . The magazine serves us an oppurtunity to express the abilities, ideas and thoughts of CECIANS . This issue includes the activities of PRODDEC, technical articles, projects, ideas of students and familiarization of various softwares and materials needed for an engineer. The team is so much encouraged by the support given by the CECIANS and hope it will continue till the magazine publishes. It is expected to be get published by January 2015. .... and friends, you are very important for us. Don't stay back, rise as an engineer. Your ideas, articles, dedicated mind to help the team as well as designing abilities are welcomed with both hands.. Be a part for the sucess of Breakthrough'15 . Contact: Amal S Kumar (S5 G) Magazine Editor, PRODDEC Mail: Ph: 9447145316mag