From 2001 - 2004

  • In preparation for the South India Technical Festival, Summit 2002, organized by the college, PRODDEC commenced development of many projects to be displayed.
  • A hardware familiarization class was taken by the final year students on 15-09-2003. There was very good responds from the students and the class had 61 attendees.
  • A contest to find out the young talents inside the college was carried out by PRODDEC and had a partcipation of 80 students. The best and cost effective ideas were awarded with prizes.
  • Seminars on 'PORT Programming' and 'PCB Designing' were conducted inside the campus to aid the students technically and had a very good response from the students.
  • The PRODDEC members had actively participated in various technical festivals held inside and outside the college campus like DECADIO, FANTASIA 2003, ABHIYANTHRIKA, IT VEDA etc. The students also won many prizes in many events of these festivals.
  • PRODDEC organized an industrial visit to the VSNL , Thiruvalla with a 50 students of the college and had many informations and knowledge acquired by the students helping them to design and develope better products.

From 2004 - 2006

  • A contest to test the digital designing skills of the members was conducted by the PRODDEC on 26-03-2004. The contestants had to design using the software Adobe Photoshop ,  and the best designs were awarded with prizes.
  • The annual magazine of PRODDEC "Breakthrough 2003" was released by the HOD of Electronics on 31-03-2004. The magazine had a rare collection of articles on technical, informational and some varities too.
  • PRODDEC conducted seminars on 'PCB Designing', 'VLSI Designing', 'Mini Project - Design and Implimentation', 'PORT Programming', "LaTeX' and 'Animation Software - FLASH ' throughout the year enlightening the innovative mind of the members and recieved a very good feedback from the campus.
  • The 55 members from the college visited the BSNL , Thiruvalla to know about the telecommunication industry , their structure, works and  many more. The students were guided through their work spaces, godowns and office and the students had a very good experience of learning.
  • Workshops on 'Soldering Practice' , ' Electronic Instruments and Components awareness' for the newcomers of the field of electronics and preparing them to develope products.
  • The technical festivals 'ELIXIR 2004', TECHNOFEST 2005', 'INSIGHT 2005' and 'Excel 2K5' had partcipation from PRODDEC student members and they had prizes won. PRODDEC had conducted an Exhibition in the Chengannur "Pushpamela' for the public to familiarize them  with latest technologies and the products developed on 27,28,29,30 & 31-02-2005
  • Seminar informing the students on Paper Presentation was conducted on 22-02-2006 for 60 students was taken by the 6th semester students, and had a lot of information to give to the students.
  • Classes on 'MATLAB' and 'BIOINFORMATICS' were taken for the students by facualty members of the college, on behalf of PRODDEC and were very productive to the students.

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