The Organization Project Design and Development Center is integrating technical ideas from the technical fields and to develop products of an engineering outlook. Understanding the industry needs, PRODDEC has contributed greatly to the overall development of the students as competent engineers. Being a member of the organization benefits the students in a lot of ways and help them to be an engineer who really knows engineering. The membership opens a way of wisdom and enlightenment to the students in their path of becoming a successful engineer. Organization has a very good community of lifetime members communicating and helping each other out always. With an small registration amount the organization offers the many advantages for the members. The main advantages of being a part of PRODDEC are :-  

Technical Advancement

The main aim of PRODDEC is to develop products for humanity. The true members of PRODDEC will be trying to develop an engineering product with the technical help of other members and resource persons. More the members enter the field of practical engineering, the more will be beneficial to them.The members will be gained by practical knowledge rather than theoretical ones that they may get from the books.By approaching engineering practically they could know about - how to design a product, methods to develop, problems faced in product development, and how how to conquer them to achieve the target. This enables the student to know engineering better and live in it. This knowledge will make them more prepared and apt for the industry to join and have a great career ahead

Online Uses

Website of PRODDEC is another advantage to have for the members. The website has a Blog , which informs the recent updates and events of the organization and keeps every member close and up-to-date . It gives a good idea to the world about the organization. The best gain of the site is its forum. Any one across the world can be a member of that forum to ask , talk and solve technical issues and problems.The members are default members of the forum too. This forum will enable the users to communicate to people all around the globe regarding any technical information and also they can share their own. There will many members in the forum from various fields like students, teachers, industrial persons, researchers...etc all of these people will combine in developing products and will be a huge benefit to the members to be a part of it.

Seminars & Workshops

Public workshops and seminars will be conducted by PRODDEC exclusively for the members. Without proper knowledge and information , product development is not possible. So the organization conducts these informational events to catalyze them in product developing.The events may be guided by the senior members of the PRODDEC or eminent personalities from outside the campus as per the requirement. These events are provided for students to improve their knowledge and skills and also to make them interested in technical practical oriented learning. These events will be touching all aspects of engineering and will be selected on the basis of the interest and need of students. Most of them will be practical sessions , rather than theoretical ones. Attending these events will benefit them in every way of product designing and engineering.  

Contests & Financial Aids

Contests will be conducted by the organization in the field of technical engineering for the members. There will be awards and certificates awarded for the winners.They may be of any wide variety like circuit designing contest, crack the code, best idea contest, best project of the year contest...etc These contests will provide fun and entertainment as well as knowledge to the participants,The best projects done by the members , selected by the organization will be funded by PRODDEC. This financial aid will be available only one or two projects in one academic year.The project will be selected by a panel of experts on the base of its technical significance, cost effectiveness and purpose.The selected students will be awarded with certificates and financial funds from the organization.

So what are you waiting for ??Be a member of PRODDEC today itself, to get befitted and become true engineers... !!!

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